About Us

In 2020, after helping the family business with the production of seaweed fertiliser and during the covid pandemic creating a seaweed based hand sanitiser, Naomi Tustin launched The Seaweed Food Company, unlocking the hidden treasure of Guernsey's forgotten natural superfood.

Situated in the English Channel the small island of Guernsey is the largest of the 5 islands that make up the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

Seaweed has been apart of island life for thousands of years, being used for fuel and fertilising crops.  During the German Occupation in the Second World War, Islanders faced famine and started to use seaweed for food.  

The Seaweed Food Company collects seaweed from a number beaches regularly tested for their water quality. Careful selection and hand picking of these amazing sea vegetables means we only take a part of the seaweed allowing for regrowth and sustainable crop. 

Our Mission
Quite simply, we want to bring people a healthy, nutritious and vitamin packed superfood to their table and into their diet by using the sustainably harvested edible seaweed through seaweed seasonings.