Guernsey Seaweed Skincare

super seaweed serum bottle and face and hand cream bottle


A collaboration arose in early March 2020 between Channel Islands Liquor Company and Guernsey Seaweed to try and resolve a major problem on Guernsey – the complete lack of availability of hand sanitiser. 

Natural, nourishing, protecting

After many formulations and trials of our product it was realised that the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are found within the seaweed effectively counteracted the harsh effects of the alcohol and led to the hands being positively moisturised, helping to prevent stripping of the natural oils in the skin’s protective barrier

Over 6,000 litres of seaweed hand sanitiser have been produced and sold in Guernsey up until September 2020 and the sales have continued, with the local population supporting and giving great feedback on a quality, moisturising product.

As a direct result of the amazing feedback we received from users of our unique seaweed hand sanitiser we have developed two new skincare products:

Face and Hand Cream – This consists of majority seaweed gel that has been blended with jojoba oil, natural soy lecithin, shea butter and 1% plant based preservative. The cream is presented in a no-air pump bottle which is why we do not need to cram it full of chemical preservatives. 

Super Seaweed Serum – The good stuff and only the good stuff: 98.5% seaweed gel and 1.5% natural preservative and that is it. Ideally applied before the face cream to give the skin a real morning boost of vitamins and minerals that lasts all day.   

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