Seaweed Salt - 3 tins

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Top quality sea salt and dried seaweed flakes - use anywhere you would usually use sea salt.  Salt is a great flavour enhancer but too much isn't good for you.  Seaweed has the benefit of enhancing flavour without the sodium of regular salt that we all try hard to eat less of.   If you're new to eating seaweed - this is a good place to start. 

How to use:

  • Use on scrambled or fried eggs
  • Brilliant sprinkled on fish, vegetables or potatoes
  • Replace your usual salt on the table or by the cooker
  • Great in the batter for Yorkshire pudding! 

3 x 45g tins

Also available in a 45g refill pouch and as a single tin

Ingredients: sea salt, mixed dried seaweeds

Allergens: this is a natural product and we make every effort to ensure it is allergen free but there may be traces of crustaceans or molluscs 

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