Face & Hand Cream 50mls - Guernsey Seaweed

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The cream has been fully tested and passed in accordance with EU cosmetics regulations by ceway.eu

It has been developed from the core seaweed ingredient of our Seaweed Hand Sanitiser in order to maximise the nourishing quality of the nutrients from the seaweed.

The only ingredients are: water, seaweed, organic jojoba oil, organic shea butter, natural soy lecithin, preservative (a plant based natural preservative and constitutes less than 1.5% of the product).

The product is presented in a no-air pump bottle in order to reduce the amount of preservative required to keep the product safe for up to 12 months.

Please provide any feedback to ben@guernseyseaweed.com

Guernsey Seaweed Face & Hand Cream is produced by Opelin Ltd, a Guernsey company, and supplied to Guernsey Seaweed Ltd.
Information correct as at May 2021

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