Food Lovers Starter Set - VEGAN LOVERS

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Where should you start with seaweed if you love vegan food?

Well, firstly, know that all our food seasonings are registered with the Vegan Society - they look at the ingredients and the way it is processed so you can be confident of its status.

Add flavour to beans and pulses with a spoon of Mixed Seaweed Flakes when cooking. Flakes can also be soaked in hot water to make a flavoursome stock.

Dulse has a smoky taste and can be eaten raw or cooked or rehydrate and add to a salad.  Sometimes known as vegan bacon!

Herby Seaweed Seasoning is full of flavour with delicious herbs, garlic and pink peppercorns. Use it to make a salad dressing or add to any savoury vegetable dish for colour and flavour. 


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